Ylvonna represents change and transition - aspects of life that can be found all around us. In this aspect she has been known as the goddess of death, the goddess of chaos and, even still, Mother Nature herself. She embodies both the cycles of life - from birth, death and rebirth - and the cycles of nature, namely the ever-changing seasons. As Nature incarnate, she also governs the weather, thus revealing the sometimes chaotic aspects of her being. Ylvonna can embrace you like a soothing spring breeze, or devastate you with the force of a hurricane. Because of her somewhat conflicting characteristics, she is often misunderstood and sometimes even looked upon with fear. Some have called her Mother Night, others The Lady of Shadow. Having been linked to death, she has been referred to as Goddess of The Void. Indeed, some claim that her eyes reflect nothing but the absolute emptiness beyond space and time; beyond even our own understanding. But to those who understand that change is the only absolute, and that the unknown - with all its mysteries - is nothing to be feared, realize that Ylvonna is with us from the day we are born to the day we die, and beyond. Giving her praise is remarkably easy and common - visit the grave of a loved one, celebrate the seasons as they come, and above all, embrace change as it happens.