Vollun is the god of forgotten places. He resides in abandoned warehouses, in the crumbling stone foundations of ancient houses now lost in the woods, in buildings left to ruin. He represents lost dreams and ambition; unfulfilled hope. He also represents human toil and integrity, and in this sense pride and melancholy become the dualistic natures of Vollun. He is more associated with nostalgia than sadness. People in Velrolus' presence will perceive a feeling of timelessness and, sometimes, wonder. There is a strange, dismal beauty in the places he can be found in. Sometime Vollun will take the form of a weathered, homeless man somewhere; other times he is not one but an entire flock of pigeons roosting in the gutted, decaying house down a forgotten street. Vollun has appeared as spectral figures and glowing orbs in photographs of old, abandoned buildings. To give praise to Vollun, place a single pigeon feather in the doorway or entrance to a place time forgot. You will know it when you see it.