Sylandriah is the goddess of human synergy and interaction. Her presence is best felt when there is live music being played in a crowded space - when the musicians are giving off her energy at the same time that the audience is responding, and giving her energy back to the band. If you are lost in the moment - if you are screaming the lyrics to the song the vocalist is singing, or perhaps merely swaying to the beat - then you are under her spell. Crowd-surfers, people dancing wildly to the rhythm; they are in her power, just as they, like her nature, are empowering her at the same time. She is also the carnal, physical attraction between two people. But her nature is that of lust, not love - the blind, intense passion that engulfs people like fire. There is no darkness or anger in her energy, for that energy is Gorrn's life between people. Do not worry about giving Sylandriah praise; chances are you already have and will continue. Hers is an innocent reckless abandonment to the sheer thrill of the moment - the spontaneous love of to do so.