(M) is the god of the moment and the essence of things. Very few know his true name, for it is forgotten as soon as it is uttered. Some call him The Nameless, others Mennerant or Memmorah, but there are as many variables of his name as there are blades of grass in the world. He represents neither the event nor the reaction, but the infinitesimally short and fleeting moment in between. Imagine happening upon a newly discovered place of immense beauty. You fumble for your camera, hoping to capture the moment - the very feel of the scene before you. You aim the camera and the shutter clicks - once, maybe twice. Typically you may find that the result lacks the emotional depth you witnessed. Do not doubt your photographic skills, for it is not your doing. This is the way of (M), for he takes as soon as he gives. He is not nostalgia itself, but the moment before. He is the last lingering scrap of a dream half-remembered and soon forgotten. He is, in a way, the very embodiment of the present, for the present is nothing but the split-second between the past and future, which changes faster than you can blink your eye. His symbols are many, but include a teardrop and a simple door. If you have managed - by photography or another representation - to capture the true feeling of something you have witnessed, cherish it, for it is his gift to you.