The nature of Khalorrix Malum is both a simple and complicated one. On the surface, he represents the time period, however long or short it may seem, between the dark and the dawn. What exactly that may inspire in the individual is another matter. Some say he stands for fear and longing; others say insight and inspiration. He has been attributed to lunacy and reckless revelry at the same time as quiet introspection and hope. He is both a madman and a scholar, for his penchant for creativity often borders on the fanatical. Sometimes called The Wild One, he is the muse to artists, poets, and musicians alike. When you are driving home - perhaps after drunken debauchery - and the first light of the dawn paints the world in an ambiguous blue-gray light, you see a nocturnal animal on the side of the road, its eyes glowing a bright pale green. It may seem to follow your gaze as, in the brief moments of scrutiny, you try to make the exact shape out. Before you can discern its form, however, it scurries into the woods. This is one of his forms. The ways in which to give Khalorrix Malum praise are many, but if you want to make sure you do it properly, there is a method. As the very first light of the sun creeps into the world, write exactly what you are thinking at that precise moment, preferably by candlelight. When you finally go to bed, place what you have written beneath your pillow. Khalorrix Malum himself may in fact appear in one of your dreams.