G'ornn, simply stated, represents the repressed and ignored anger in us all. His realm is the deep, dark places in our psyches - the places we pretend don't exist for fear of acknowledging that aspect of ourselves. The source of his anger is as mysterious as it is innumerable. Some claim it is self-loathing, others say it is jealously. In fact, his influence lies behind these emotions, as well as intolerance, disgust, stubbornness, and prejudice. He is not a violent god, however, and therein lies his true nature. He only represents the thoughts and energy behind such violence, but not the acts themselves. To act upon such emotions is your choice (perhaps under the influence of Akhorulli). It has been said that were it not for the shackles confining G'ornn, he would be the embodiment of destruction. Indeed, some legends say that his confinement is his own doing, for his want for annihilation would project onto himself. Therein lies the paradox: the nihilist empowered and perfected, yet perhaps shackling himself for the greater good? A villain with a conscience? Stories of his past are ambiguous at best. Although it is not encouraged, one can acknowledge this darker aspect of themselves by mixing a drop of blood with ash, and touching it to the tip of their tongues before bed. You may see G'ornn in your dreams.