Akhorulli represents absolute and utter selfishness and self-absorption. Its essence is the birthplace of such things as vanity and murder, for Akhorulli is the super-ego absolute, without regard for others. War, theft, adultery, deceit, pride; indeed anything or act without pity, empathy or concern for others can be linked to Akhorulli and its influence. Its only driving goal is that of self-perfection, and Akhorulli will strive to achieve this goal at any costs. Although outwardly reflecting mostly male characteristics, many believe it is neither male nor female. In fact, some stories suggest that Akhorulli's narcissism is so unmitigated that it created a third gender just for itself, and in doing so separating itself from all others. Its immense helmet acts as both a crown and a prison, and legends claim that the inner surface of the eyeless face plate is mirrored, so that the only thing Akhorulli sees - or cares for - is its own reflection. Any symbols relating to the deity, if they existed, have long been lost. Giving praise to Akhorulli would be a useless effort, for any tribute or offering would ultimately go unnoticed.