It is said that Abbryxxes embodies dreams and the imagination, but he is more than that. His realm is the unconscious mind, residing in the deepest reaches of our psyches and only manifesting in our daydreams, our nightmares, our fantasies. His forms and names are as numerable as his appearance, which is scarcely ever the same. In this aspect we see his whimsical nature - a mischievous, sometimes playful god. He will often assume the shape of a child's imaginary friend, and is often a muse to artisans across the world. Don't be fooled to believe that this is where his influence ends, however. In the deep, dark places in our minds there is a wilderness at its heart, and he is that wilderness. He is the id in our subconscious, empowered and personified, his movements rash and erratic as he pursues whatever desire that catches his whim. In this essence he is the influence behind drug abuse and its subsequent addiction, for what better realm to escape this sometimes hostile environment than his - the birthplace of all dreams and desire? His whimsical nature is paired with the animalistic instinct to pursue these paths of pleasure at any cost, therefore uncovering his feral disposition. In fact, there are stories and rumors circling this duality, suggesting that him and Khalorrix Malum may be brothers, or, in some legends, different forms of the same entity. Abbyrxxes is a fickle and fleeting spirit, but if you'd like to give praise to him, write a story or make a drawing based on a dream you had. Even explaining a dream you had is a sufficient offering, for you are recalling a visit to his strange, dark and often beautiful realm.